Osnat Netzer is a composer, pianist and educator. Her works range from orchestral and chamber to vocal works and opera. Osnat’s music draws from a wide range of styles such as jazz, Latin, klezmer and Israeli music, yet is deeply rooted in the Western classical canon. These styles can be at times very overt and farcical, as in her opera “The Wondrous Woman Within”, and at other times they may be below the surface, trying to break through, as in her work “Untarnished Lucidity” for clarinet and marimba. This multifaceted approach comes from a strong belief in keeping contemporary classical music aware of its surroundings; aware of pop culture, street sounds, medley of i-pod music on the subway and aware of the colors of language. Osnat enjoys writing music specifically for her performers, tailoring it for their abilities and specialties, be they amateur folk singers, professional instrumentalists or open minded singers. In August 2013, she was appointed to the faculty of Harvard University as a Preceptor in Music.